A Good Hard Journey Awaits

Dear Client,

How are you amid the fallout of economic, political, social flux of the last several years? Many have realized how sad, angry, and afraid they are -- and maybe always have been. It's as if large scale upheavals have rattled into view personal distress and dis-ease, the signs and symptoms of which can't be suppressed any longer. Regardless of cause, people are telling me they're discouraged if not hopeless, dissatisfied if not dissociated, overextended if not burnt out, irritable if not enraged, and anxious if not terrified about a growing discrepancy between who they thought they were and who they really are. 

Mindful Psychotherapy & Trauma Resolution's sole provider, Jen Erickson, can help.

Change can feel like it takes forever, like the excruciatingly slow turning of a barge. It also happens on a dime. The conditions that shape life-altering change, whether experienced as gradual or instantaneous, can range from the traumatic to the insight-based. Jen employs the latter in the service of resolving the former. She draws on mindfulness practice, trauma training, attachment theory, and neuroscience findings to help people heal through hard times such that troubling reactions to overwhelming personal/social stress become creative opportunities for greater understanding and improved health of body, mind, spirit, and relationship.

In her therapist role*, Jen has 15 years of experience with individual adults experiencing symptoms of anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, PTSD, and C-PTSD as a result of direct trauma (e.g., childhood or adolescent abuses, military experiences) or vicarious trauma (e.g., exposure to or responsibility for traumatized people). She has worked well with various academics and professionals, health care providers including therapists, military service members, parents of troubled teens, and adult children of alcoholic and/or personality disordered parents (e.g., borderline PD, narcissistic PD). 

It is Jen's hope that your work with her eases your emotional and physical suffering, deepens your awareness, sharpens your insight, broadens your perspective, bolsters your courage, and expands your compassion such that the challenging situations you encounter become less daunting and more workable over time. She wants to help you, and by extension everyone you impact, cultivate the conditions for positive change.

Whether you're in a tough situation right now or wanting to face an old trauma or ongoing pattern, if you have a sense that there is more to understand, appreciate, enjoy, and offer in this lifetime, please get in touch. You can book a free 15 minute phone or video call to ask questions and explore the possibilities.

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Jen is a Licensed Professional Counselor (#PC005899) in Pennsylvania, a Nationally Certified Counselor (#375984), and a Board Certified TeleMental Health provider (BC-TMH #1881). She sees clients who reside in and around Chester County PA in person at her Glenmoore office. She meets with clients all over PA via telehealth. 

Jen is also a registered permanent telehealth provider in Florida (#TPMC3004) and a temporary telehealth provider in Vermont (#068.0135130TELE) through June 30, 2023. Per Act 107, she will register as a permanent VT telehealth provider, presumed effective July 1, 2023.  

Jen does not work with insurance or any other third party payers. She is considered an out-of-network provider. She can produce superbills for you to submit to your insurance company. Check with your insurer about coverage and reimbursement terms.

I'm glad you're here.
I can help.


Yours in confidence,
Jen Erickson

*If you're looking for Mindful Worldly Path Coaching with Jen, you have landed here by mistake.



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